Welcome to my online gallery!

Feel free to browse around as much as you like. You will see that most of my paintings fall into three general categories.

Old-World Elegance

My husband and I love to travel, he with his Nikon D80 and I with my paints. The charm and detail of the Old World is very captivating to those of us who are from a “modern” world and it has unlimited possibilities for artists. Often I do pencil drawing on-location, which takes advantage of exquisite detail, but most often my European watercolors are done in my studio from my husband’s excellent photos.

I have found that painting with watercolor requires a plan for reserving lights, and this is more difficult when painting on-location, so it is easier to work from a photo of the subject caught on the instant that it first captured my attention.

America the Beautiful

What a variety of amazing beauty America offers!  I try to capture the play of light and shadow over these wonderful subjects, often enjoying the way the clouds create additional interest as they highlight or shade a particular plane of the picture.

I love Colorado scenes and over the years have gone from painting interesting mines in various degrees of disrepair, to painting aspen trees or lovely buildings in Georgetown or dramatic mountain ranges. As I visit special locations it is always a challenge trying to capture the special essence of that place.

Playful Portraits

I love to paint portraits of children caught in the act of normal play, where their beautiful expressions of innocence, charm, energy and rest are most obvious.  I began painting my grandchildren from pictures which my son-in-law presented to me one Mother’s Day, but I also enjoy painting other people’s children and grandchildren.

I am very choosy about the photos I work from because I am not good at creating greatness out of mediocre photos, however, painting from those photos which have marvelous side lighting and adorably unselfconscious poses is great fun.


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